Summertime, 2015!

It’s been an extremely rainy and grey May so far, but summer season at Elixir is looking anything but gloomy! So excited to have completed a record spring with some outstanding events, including 4 different high school drill team revues, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and school recitals! We’re heading to Florida FOUR times in 2015 for business trips – including two beach weddings!

On the corporate side of things, Elixir Video is heading to Bangor, Maine to continue working on our medical aviation promo for 7Bar. Can’t wait to fly in a chopper over the gorgeous Arcadia National Park! Several other promo videos are in the works, including one for Joe Funk Construction.

PS – We’re still looking to secretly film a wedding proposal. This can be done FREE of charge! Imagine how cool that footage would be 🙂 Any interested guys out there, please call or email for info..

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